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i will respect your boundaries so please respect mine. if you are harassing me or being inappropriate towards me, i reserve the right to refuse service and cancel your reading without a refund. 

i am a tropical western astrologer that uses the placidus system.

you will receive your reading within

1-3 weeks from purchase date

- you can reschedule your reading as long as you give me a 24 hours notice.

- i give a 15 minute max grace period at the start of your scheduled reading if you are running late. 

- "no shows" on tiktok will not receive a refund!

i am NOT a psychic!

do you offer any readings that aren’t listed? 

possibly! contact me and let’s see if we can work something out!

code of conduct


can i receive a refund if i don't "like" my reading?

while i have never had anyone request this, i must protect my services. once you have received your reading- refunds of any kind are not an option.

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