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if you are looking for a more predictive reading or trying to assess what energies are affecting your current situation- this is the reading to get!

a progressed chart takes into account how we’ve grown in our life and the new situations that we have faced. for every year of your life, your progressed chart moves one day- for example, the moon in the sky changes sign every 2 and a half days. in a progressed chart, the moon changes sign every 2 and a half years. a transit chart lines up the astrology of the sky’s current chart with your natal birth chart to see your current forecast and the areas of life that are of focus to you currently.



- readings have between a 1-3 week turnover time from purchase date

- readings are interactive and conducted via zoom and i will send a link to your email address upon the time of the reading for you to join the zoom meeting

- all readings come with a recording that i will send to your email after it has concluded

- you are allowed to reschedule your reading as long as i am given at least a 24 hour notice

- i give a 15 minute grace period if you are running late to your reading, once that 15 minutes is up, i will commence with your reading with or without you

- no shows do not get rescheduled or refunded and your reading will commence without you, but you will still receive a recording of your reading to your email once it has concluded

- all purchases are non-refundable

45 minute transit and progressed chart reading

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