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i use synastry, composite, and davison midpoint charts in this reading.



- readings have between a 1-3 week turnover time from purchase date

- readings are interactive and conducted via zoom and i will send a link to your email address upon the time of the reading for you to join the zoom meeting

- all readings come with a recording that i will send to your email after it has concluded

- you are allowed to reschedule your reading as long as i am given at least a 24 hour notice

- i give a 15 minute grace period if you are running late to your reading, once that 15 minutes is up, i will commence with your reading with or without you

- no shows do not get rescheduled or refunded and your reading will commence without you, but you will still receive a recording of your reading to your email once it has concluded

- all purchases are non-refundable

60 minute synastry reading

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